Our North American culture has been called “death phobic and grief illiterate” (Steven Jenkinson).  While it is encouraging to see some recent signs of expanding awareness, engagement and dialogue around dying, death, deathcare and grieving, we know that this continues to be a difficult subject for many individuals and families to plan for, and an often lonely and bewildering time to live through.  Too often we must spend our time navigating the complexities of our options rather than focusing on what is important.

Wishstone’s services are designed to mirror the unfolding needs and questions that arise over the continuum of living, aging and dying.  We can be contacted at any point in the process and will personalize our services to meet your needs.  We are also available to facilitate workshops to groups of interested individuals and/or organizations that recognize the importance of supporting people in values-based planning for aging and end-of-life.

We also partner with trusted professionals with a wide range of complementary services and can usually provide a referral if you are looking for something additional or different.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation (by phone or in-person) to discuss your needs and how we may be able to support you and your family.   Estimates of pricing for specific services are provided in the sections below.


We are here to improve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual quality of life for the living, the dying and the grieving through:

•  Informed dialogue and guidance to clarify and document end-of-life wishes
•  Holistic support, care and comfort to the dying person and their family
•  Compassionate practical and emotional support in times of loss and grief