Wishstone is Sarah & Ruth, two women with varied backgrounds who met while volunteering in the hospice community and whose paths kept crossing. There was a connection. Over several months, and many animated chats in coffee shops, our connection grew into a friendship as we explored our shared commitment to using our skills and experience to support better end-of-life planning and care in our communities.

Through personal and professional experience, we know that so many individuals and families feel lost as they grapple with life transitions and come face to face with the reality of aging, dying, death and grief.  We live in the biggest city in Canada, with a myriad of programs and services, but so often they can be confusing, disconnected, under-resourced and ultimately impersonal.

Our vision for Wishstone is to be your compassionate partners in navigating and accessing the information, care and support you need.


We commit to bringing kindness, warmth, integrity and honesty to our relationship with you.

We will always listen – so that we can learn about your wishes and what is important to you.

We will support you in times of confusion and clarity, in times of chaos and calm.

We will focus on our shared humanity through journeys both practical and profound.   


We will walk beside you as long as you need and want us to.

We will be your companions, and your guides when helpful, as you untangle powerful thoughts and emotions.

We will help you to unpack complex information and understand your choices and options.

We will be a consistent and supportive presence bringing knowledge, experience and understanding.

What is a WISHSTONE?

A wishstone (or wishing stone) is rock that has an unbroken ring of another colour all the way around it. It doesn’t matter if the line is quartz in granite or the fusion of two different types of rocks all together. All that matters is the line goes all the way around to meet itself without end.

The story goes that if you find a wishstone, you make a wish on it. But in order for your wish to come true, you need to give the stone away.  For us, the Wishstone symbolizes many things – the unending circle of life, our wishes for our journey, our dying and our death, the constancy and weathering of the stone over time, the power of giving to others, the importance of connection.

Your Wishstone has the power you give it – light as a wish, solid as a rock.