Living Well

Perhaps a parent or loved one has died recently and your experiences during the time before, during and after the death have left you thinking about your own mortality and end-of-life wishes.

Or perhaps another major life transition (such as retirement, divorce or relocation) has meant that you are considering your future in a different way.

Or perhaps your family doctor has asked you whether you have done any advance care planning
(and you have wondered what exactly that entails?)

Regardless of your motivation, planning for and documenting your future wishes is both an opportunity to clarify your values and priorities and to provide essential guidance to loved ones who may be supporting during your final months and days.

How we can help

As knowledgeable and compassionate partners, we can provide information and facilitate dialogue that supports you to:

  • Reflect on the values, beliefs and priorities that will inform your choices.
  • Gain insight into the full scope of your options and rights for end of life planning and care as well as deathcare and funeral options.
  • Communicate and document your informed decisions and choices about healthcare and personal care wishes in the appropriate formats.
  • Review the materials on an as-needed basis or if circumstances change.

Pricing:  Our support for advance care planning starts at $120 per session plus HST.