Dying Well

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, you are likely navigating a stressful mix of emotions, information and choices.  Healthcare professionals will certainly do their best to support you during this time but sometimes it can all seem overwhelming and lonely.

People in many countries, even those with publicly-funded national healthcare systems such as Canada, are turning to additional supports and expertise during these difficult times.  In the UK, Australia and the U.S., trained practitioners known as soul midwives or end-of-life doulas are providing education and guidance, as well as emotional and practical support and care, to individuals and families preparing for and experiencing the complexities associated with end-of-life, just as birth midwives and doulas support women before, during and after childbirth.  Many of our services are informed by this emerging model.

How we can help

 As your partner and advocate, and tailored to your unique needs and requirements, in consultation and collaboration with the healthcare team and circle of care, we offer non-medical support, care and comfort for the dying person and their caregivers/loved ones.  Services include:

Practical Support

  • Demystify palliative care and the range of options and choices, including Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) as end-of-life approaches
  • Clarify options for after-death care and record wishes; organize if requested
  • Ensure important documents are in place: refer to estate planning experts, if requested
  • Schedule and/or attend appointments, including notetaking
  • Facilitate family meetings, including long-distance


  • Assist with non-medical care and explain/demystify the stages of the dying process
  • Offer respite and companionship for caregivers and family members
  • Provide referrals/suggestions for complementary care (e.g. reiki, therapeutic touch)


  • Be a compassionate and calming presence
  • Help create any legacy documents (scrapbooks, videos etc.) that may provide comfort to the dying person or loved ones
  • Provide support in preparing to say goodbye and anticipatory grief
  • Facilitate a vigil (to provide continuous support and presence during the last days of life)

Pricing:  Our support for end-of-life is based on an hourly rate of $120 (plus HST).