Grieving Well

The time that follows the death of a loved one can end up being as or more difficult than the dying process itself.  The immediate flurry of activities associated with the notifications, funeral and memorial services, and the settling of the estate can be overwhelming and leave little time or energy for mourning.  Your grief may be pushed aside or take a back seat.  Many in your community may not really know what to say or do to support you.  Our commitment is to stay connected during these first days and months and continue to offer emotional and practical support.

How we can help

 We will provide emotional support by continuing to check in and offering a compassionate presence and a listening ear.  We can also refer you to the appropriate additional grief and bereavement supports that are available in your community.

We can support you on a practical level by facilitating any after-death care, ceremonies or memorials that your loved one has requested or that you wish to undertake.  We can also refer you to experts who can help you work through the legal, financial and estate issues you may be facing.

Pricing:  Our support during grief and bereavement is based on an hourly rate of $120 (plus HST).